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| Expat Physio |

| Open, personal and effective healthcare |
| Expat Physio uses a wide range of treatment techniques which aim to relieve your pain,
regain mobility, restore muscle strength and return you to your optimal form |
Soft tissue therapy

Patented soft tissue techniques to unlock tension, relieve pain and improve mobility.


The usage of ice packs helps to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and reduce soreness.

Customized training program

To make you better, faster and stronger!

Individual advice

To help you understand, prevent and manage your injury.

| About |

My name is Pieter Faasse and I am the founder of Expat Physio. My experience comes from various practices and gyms where I was trained in hands-on treatment and fitness / exercise therapy. The combination of these elements form the basis of Expat Physio’s treatment program.

At Expat Physio we believe that the accumulation of previous injuries and your current lifestyle contribute to the development of new and the return of old injuries.
You may have old or ‘dormant’ injuries that might not pose a problem today, but can become problematic under the influence of stress, fatigue or (over)training. Through early detection and treatment work-, sports and hobby absence can be avoided.
We achieve this by using Active Release Techniques

Expat Physio is also available for Personal training, Small group training and (Company) Bootcamp.
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Active Release Techniques (ART®), 2016, Amsterdam
Upper extremity, Dutch Academy for Orthopaedic Medicine (Cyriax)®, 2014, Ede
BHS Physiotherapy, University of Applied Sciences, 2012, Amsterdam,
Indoor Cycling instructor, Aalo, 2010-2011, Amsterdam.

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| Expat Physio aims to help you within 24 h |

If you are injured or in pain.

If you have a question about your injury.

If you have no pain or ailment but you want to become better, faster and stronger.

For (sports) massage, Personal Training, (company) Bootcamp, small group training.